What is PAX XP?

PAX XP is a collection of experiences all driven by our mobile app and that QR code printed on your badge. You can read more about them below.

How to get started

Look for instructions shipped with your badge and register yourself into the system. Registration will only take a few minutes and will open a doors for unique content at PAX. Once on-site, look for kiosks or displays with the PAX XP logo to win prizes, collect virtual trophies, or maybe even score a PAX branded keepsake.

PAX XP Experiences


There is another world beyond what you can see…The World of Arcadia!  You must find a series of ten PAX XP stations or “Places of Power” that are scattered throughout PAX in the correct order to collect rewards. If you find these checkpoints, use them to scan the QR code on your badge. Be warned, sometimes you may stumble on a challenge you aren’t ready for, but don’t worry—you can always try again later!

Prize Towers

These daily quests have the potential to drop some serious loot, sometimes with a retail value of upwards of $100 or more. Check them out each day you’re at the show or who knows what you might be missing out on!

Photo Booths

Take an animated picture of you and your friends to commemorate your trip to PAX!

Assorted Other Exhibitor Experiences

Each show will have partners doing all sorts of crazy things accessible only to those who have registered for PAX XP. Look for the PAX XP logo scattered around the show.