Zelda Universe Presents: A Musical History of Zelda

Music has always been an important part of The Legend of Zelda games, not only as an integral part of their gameplay but also as an iconic soundtrack. These tunes launched a six-year worldwide symphonic tour and provided the basis for the musical spinoff game Cadence of Hyrule. Join Zelda Universe for a melodic journey through the franchise that will have you feeling nostalgic one moment and tapping your toes the next. There’ll also be some musical trivia with prizes up for grabs.


Amanda VanHiel [Media Producer, Zelda Universe], AbdallahSmash026 [Content Creator, YouTube], Joshua Lindquist [Content Director, Zelda Universe], Elias Thompson [Twitch Director, Zelda Universe], Peyton Garrett [Twitch Assistant, Zelda Universe], Alex Trevino [Dubs Manager, Zelda Universe]