The EZ Baking Challenge: Batter Royale

Ready. Set. Bake! The EZ Baking Challenge is a competition unlike any you’ve ever seen. After two "successful" shows in Boston and Seattle, the showdown comes to the great state of Texas. The EZ Baking Challenge aims to answer the age-old question “Can my favorite video game industry personality use an Easy-Bake Oven to make a delicious dessert all while being bombarded with ridiculous video game obstacles?” Four competitors will enter, not knowing which ingredients, games, or wild-cards they’ll face - but only one can emerge as champion. They’ll be making horrible concoctions that will be eaten by a team of expert judges, who will critique the taste, texture, and the confection’s ability to not make them violently ill.


Harris Foster [Host, Finji], Rebekah Saltsman [Judge, Finji], Chris Slight [Judge, XSplit], Anya Combs [Contestant, Kickstarter], Leanne Bradbury [Contestant, Brace Yourself Games], Xalavier Nelson, Jr. [Contestant, Hypnospace Outlaw]