Student to Professional: Getting your first job after school

Do you want to be a game developer or writer? What about a games journalist? Breaking in can be hard, even if you go to a specialized school for it. Lucky for you there are industry professionals here to make it a little easier for you.

Come learn how these devs turned their experience and school work into a portfolio. What counts as a portfolio piece? What are triple-A studios looking for in a game writer? Find out this and more! By the end of this panel, you’ll have the tools and knowledge you need to take the first step from the classroom to the studio.


Carmen Askerneese [Lead Designer, Electronic Arts], Mary Kenney [Writer, Insomniac Games], Mallory Littleton [Writer, Deck Nine Games], Eric Van Allen [News Editor, US Gamer], Matthew Owens [Game Designer, Electronic Arts], Hazel Monforton [Narrative Designer, Arkane Studios]