Race to the Finish: Self-Care as a Latinx Game Dev

This panel is proudly a part of the Latinx in Gaming space, and is for anyone looking to understand how intergenerational norms and mental health can affect career journeys in game development for Latinx individuals.

Join us as professionals in gaming from varying disciplines and experiences discuss challenges and successes of working in games while also navigating their own mental health struggles, methods of self care and healing, and Latinx family members perceptions and high expectations.

The entire panel will be a live recording of the Race to the Finish podcast, a show dedicated to providing a platform for traditionally underrepresented individuals to share their stories for us to listen and learn from.


@glhfcarlos [Host & Producer, Race to the Finish Podcast], @jazzy_femme [Associate Producer, Ready At Dawn], @the_gillmaam [User Research Analyst, Gearbox Publishing], @WordsInTheWater [Indie Game Developer, Freelance], @CrisCantRead [Associate Technical Designer, The Initiative]