Press Start! Indie Game Developing in San Antonio

Join San Antonio indie game dev, Greater Gaming Society of San Antonio, in the only panel focused on the local game industry! In this annual panel we will discuss news and updates, including growth in the local scene, opportunities for veteran and aspiring game designers, information on our meetups, game jams, events, and a general discussion about the successes and opportunities in the San Antonio game industry. All are welcomed regardless of experience or role. This panel will be interactive and include Q&A.


Clippy [Voice Actress, Amanda Hufford], John Ledesma [Game Developer, No Hope Studios], Ryan Tabatabai [Game Developer, No Hope Studios], Vicky [Educator/Game Developer, Swapette Showdown], Ray Flores [Game Developer, Luminosity Mobile], Robin English-Bircher [Board Game Developer, Wine and Savages]