Ages 13+

Pinny Pals After Dark Presents: Let's Draw 2!

Pinny Pals After Dark Presents: Let’s Draw 2!

Pinny Pals After Dark (PPAD) presents THE RETURN OF THE SMASH HIT live Let’s Draw session with talented artists from the Pinny Arcade fan community. Moderated by the creators of the PPAD podcast, they will again deliver prompts with input from the audience and everyone will get to see wacky ideas come to life as the artistry is streamed displayed live from tablet to projector. What terrible swag might you win? Soft enamel pins? Failed t-shirt modifications? It will be as random as the art! Community artists include Sammy.Sam (Sam Hartford) creator of the webcomic Dino Timecop Force, and TheFawnn (Chelsea Austin) Pinny Pal community pins designer.


Hingo [Pinny Pals After Dark Host, PPAD], Adam Bargmeyer [Pinny Pals After Dark Host/Sound Engineer, PPAD], Chelsea Austin [Community Artist,], Sam Hartford [Community Artist,]