PC Enthusiasts and Case Modding by V1 Tech

First time PC Builders to Pro Enthusiasts are welcome! Want to learn about building high-end gaming computers, case Modding, water Cooling, and scratch building from the pros? We will be going into detail about personal 1st place competition projects, trade show/ sponsored build experiences, and computer building know-how in general. Whether you’re just interested in learning how to build a computer or an industry pro, please join us! We will be breaking down the behind the scenes to mod projects and the creative processes behind them, give insider tips and tricks to make modding simpler from sleeving to water cooling, talk about some of the latest high-end hardware and how they are influenced by the modding industry, and why we believe it’s important to customize everything to be uniquely your own. We will show different ways to get started and grow!


Hassan Alaw [CEO & Founder, V1 Tech]