Oooh, Shiny! Pinny Arcade Pin Trading For All

Wonder what all those people wearing pins do with them at PAX? Or even better, what they do with them between events?  Our panel of Pinny Professionals will lead beginners through the basics of trading, while providing advice and ideas to keep pin-trading fresh for members who have been involved since the first core set was released.  Bring your questions and your pins, this panel will provide the answers and opinions you are seeking, or an opportunity to find that last pin you need for a set.


Patrick "LXAKA1287" Hahe [Member,], Sara "FancyDancyMaho" Hall [Member,], Peter "pedroasani" Jones [Member,], Patrick "@hacky" Sarmiento [Member,], Rebecca "Bexie" Sinnaeve [Member,], Anastasia "Luckycharm" Cooper [Member,]