Ages 13+

Mega Games: What Are They and How Do I Play One?!

What is a Mega Game? Mega Games are a mash-up of Traditional Roleplaying Games, Board Games, and LARP, with a bit of war-gaming thrown in to spice things up. They are large scale activities played in one session over several hours, involving as few as twenty and as many as hundreds of different players. Would you like to know more? Join us for a chat about Megagames! What they are, and how to get involved in them!


Lee Yancy [Co-Founder, Dallas Mega Games], Logan Doty [Co-Founder, Dallas Mega Games], Jason Cook [Lead Control, Dallas Mega Games], Brian Parker [Lead Control, Dallas Mega Games], Joanna Yancy [Designer, Dallas Mega Games], Nick Alqhuist [Control, Dallas Mega Games]