Learn & Play: Intro to Strategy Board Games

Come learn two of board gaming’s modern classics, Splendor and 7 Wonders, and then play both games in full. These games make for a great introduction to strategy board games, but both share a common element often misunderstood by new players. This group learning session will ensure all new players get off to a good start, and will send you home with some tips and tricks for teaching your friends and family back home.

There is no registration for Learn & Play events. Interested players may form a queue outside the Learn & Play room prior to event start time (room 303). Ten tables will have copies of both games provided for full game playthroughs. Additional seating is available for participants who bring their own copies of these games, and/or for audience members who wish to only observe the rules teaching portion of this event.


Matt Morgan [Writer, Daily Worker Placement]