Learn & Play: Intro to Indie RPGs

Interested in trying a tabletop roleplaying game? Curious about how collaborative storytelling works? Come play For the Queen!

For the Queen is a card-based storytelling game where you play as the members of a Queen’s retinue. The game features prompt cards that help guide the story as you escort Her through the peril of interpersonal conflict and a war-torn land.

No experience necessary. Members of That DnD Podcast will introduce and demonstrate the game, and provide support as you experience this collaborative roleplaying game.

There is no registration for Learn & Play events. Interested players may form a queue outside the Learn & Play room prior to event start time (room 303). Ten tables will have copies of the game provided for full game playthroughs. Additional seating is available for participants who bring their own copies of the game, and/or for audience members who wish to only observe the rules teaching portion of this event.


Andrew Oatway [Game Designer, Variety Streamer, That DnD Podcast], Erin Castillo [Techpriestess, TTRPG Designer, That DnD Podcast], Mike Beard [Host, That DnD Podcast], Renee Doiron [Editor, That DnD Podcast]