How to Turn your Geek Passions into Volunteer Opportunities

From boardgames to video games, Star Wars to Lord of the Rings, we all have geeky things we’re passionate about. But what if we could do more with our passions? What if playing video games could make a difference for kids in the hospital? Or playing boardgames could help an animal shelter? Or if your cosplay could make someone’s day? And so many other ways to help out.

Come join six local geeky volunteer organizations to learn how you can use those passions to better the world.


Alexander Pereira [Patient Technology Specialist, Methodist Children's Hospital], Stephanie Newman [Founder, San Antonio Nerd Night], Cass Garcia [Local Director, Lothal Temple-Saber Guild], Angelus Delacroix [Extra Life San Antonio Chapter President, Hebi Studios], Marty McMahon [Child Life Gaming Activity Coordinator, Texas Children's Hospital], Dante Peoples [Member, The Champions of San Antonio]