Gatekeeping Makes You Look Like an A**Hole

Ever been so interested and enjoyed an activity that you get a tingling sensation when you think about it?  Ever try to express it to fellow geeks just to have "your knowledge checked?"  We all have had this occur to us at one point in time, but no one talks about how to break out of the Gatekeeping cycle and what we can do to diminish it within the community.  This panel is exactly for that! Panelists will talk about how they have been gatekeeped at a point in their lives, how they got out of it, and give tools to stop it from happening to us all for future reference in the geek community.  Ever been Gatekeeped?  This talk is for you!


Anthony Bean [Executive Director/Clinical Psychologist, The Telos Project], Zachary Hartzman [Owner, Hey Listen Games], Amelia Herbst [Psychotherapist, Central Behavioral Health], Julia Stamman [Psychotherapist, Heart of the Realm], Rachel Kowert [Research Psychologist, Take This], Jared Kilmer [Clinical Psychologist, Game To Grow]