Do You Really Control Yourself? - Gamers' Avatars

The identity we create can be consistent with game characters’ own attitudes, values, and beliefs, or they can dramatically contrast from how a character is supposed to act. When we play video games we are able to "test out" different parts of ourselves and really explore who we are.  This panel and the panelists will focus not just on the personal experience of these different selves, but talk about how we, as gamers, form our identities based on of our video game playing.


Dr. Anthony Bean [Executive Director, The Telos Project], Dr. Jessica Stone [Licensed Psychologist, Virtual Sandtray, LLC], Dr. Stephen Daniel [Assistant Professor, Appalachian State University], Dr. Rachel Kowert [Research Psychologist, KITSUNE ANALYTICS], Adam Davis [Executive Director, Game to Grow], Dr. Ryan Kelly [Clinical Psychologist, G33ks Like Us]