Cosplay for All: A Guide to Scaling Cosplay for You

Let’s face it: characters aren’t designed with flesh and blood humans in mind, with their wonky outfits and details that only a magnifying glass can see—not to mention the ridiculous armor size! But in this panel, we’ll help you scale a cosplay just for you—including your shape, your budget, and your skill level! Whether petite or plus-sized, or even "cross-playing", we’ll walk through some steps to have your cosplay look its best, including scaling armor and outfits to actual, real human proportions while staying comfortable. We’ll help you discover cost-saving tips and materials that you can utilize at any budget, including in fabrics and building fabulous props. And finally, we’ll give some techniques that could help you save time, even if you’ve never used a sewing machine or a hot glue gun! Join us to start brainstorming your first—or your next—costume that fits you and your lifestyle!


Lutavia [Cosplayer, Lutavia Cosplay], Xephyr [Cosplayer, Xephyr Studios], Celestial [Cosplayer, Celestial Crafts]