Controller Bending: Weird Controllers and You!

Gaming has brought us some of the most wonderful experiences. It also has brought us some of the weirdest controllers that we’ve ever seen. From fishing rods to turntables, plastic guitars to power gloves, even the Kinect was a thing for gaming. What if we combined controllers with games that they weren’t meant for? Playing Overwatch with a Kinect? Beating Sekiro with a pair of DK Bongos? What if you played Smash Brothers using only Bananas? Join Louis "ATwerkingYoshi" Hamilton as we take a motion-controlled dive into this sub-culture of gaming. He’ll take you through how to design controllers for games they were not intended for along with live demonstrations of playing games wrong


Super Louis 64 [Streamer, Super Scrubs], IceQueenOG [Producer, Super Scrubs]