Composing with Adaptive Style Gradients to Support Gameplay

Open-world video games can be truly massive, taking dozens of hours to finish and incorporating many different characters, storylines and worlds to explore. How can one soundtrack support all the diverse themes, moods, biomes, mechanics and most importantly, gameplay, in a large, non-linear open-world game? Conversely, how can a soundtrack maintain cohesion in a game with so much variation? Composer Zach Abramson (Just Cause 3, Just Cause 4) breaks down the Just Cause 4 game design, themes and characters to show how each concept can be assigned its own compositional style and sound, drawing from a wide array of techniques and practices. The discussion will continue to show how all the different styles come together to form an adaptive gradient, creating both variation and cohesion across the entire soundtrack.


Zach Abramson [Composer, YouTooCanWoo]