Behind the Mic: Voiceover in Video games

Have you ever wondered who puts the voices behind your favorite games and anime? Join this panel of professionals as they discuss what it takes to bring characters to life, take questions, and explain the process and logistics behind casting, directing, recording and even mo-cap. Featuring talent featured in titles such as DRAGONBALL XENOVERSE, SMITE, PALADINS, BORDERLANDS 2 and 3, YANDERE SIMULATOR, HUNIEPOP, BATTLERITE, YIIK: A POSTMODERN RPG, MY HERO ACADEMIA, DR. STONE, ATTACK ON TITAN, GOBLIN SLAYER and more!


Brittany Lauda [Actress (Made in Abyss, Dr. Stone, Darling in the Franxx) and Director (YIIK, Minotaur,  Funimation Anime), Kocha Sound], Matt Shipman [Actor ( Dr. Stone, My Hero Academia, Darling in the Franxx, Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V), Co-owns Kocha Sound, Kocha Sound], Ricco Fajardo [Actor (Dr. Stone, Smite, My Hero Academia, Assassination Classroom,  Dangan Ronpa), Freelance], Adam Nusrallah [Producer, Cyanide and Happiness]