Azeroth Reborn: WoW Classic and the Journey Home

Fifteen years after the World of Warcraft first launched and changed PC gaming forever, WoW Classic has arrived! From Azshara to the Plaguelands, once-empty lands bustle with activity as countless WoW veterans return to their old stomping grounds. But the world has changed; we’ve changed and grown too. Streaming, nostalgic hype and a vastly more sophisticated community promise that history won’t play out the same way twice, even in an Azeroth with no more secrets to find. What are we seeking in WoW Classic, and is it really true that you can’t go home again?  Author and MMORPG historian Anthony Palumbi leads a lighthearted raid into WoW’s illustrious past.


Anthony R. Palumbi [Author/Historian, Chicago Review Press]