Accurate Cultural Representation in Latinx Culture Games

In the growing tide of games emerging as part of the Latin American game development renaissance, we find it critical to address the importance of accurate and sensitive depiction of culture. This panel explores historical representation of Latinx culture in gaming and its evolution. We will examine the particular case of Mulaka, a game inspired by the rich indigenous culture of the Tarahumara, highlighting the measures taken to ensure that any allusion to culture was always portrayed properly without hindering development. Finally, we will examine cultural sensitivity and accurate representation from the point of view of the press and content creators. Join us in this panel where the perspective of a developer, a content creator and a journalist come together to discuss the issue.


Alexis Ramon [Mixer Partner, Mixer], Bryan Rosario [Content Creator, Mixer Interactive Streaming LLC], Arturo Nuñez [Unity Evangelist, Unity 3D], Victor Peña [Writer, Drop The Spotlight], Guillermo Vizcaino [PR & Marketing | Writer, Lienzo], María Vargas [Writer/Press, La Chica Gamer]