A Peek Behind the Curtain: PAX Indie Devs Return to Tell All

You played their games last year, but now they’re back to show you their game developer journey from silly concept, to cool demo, to a full-fledged game. Join the studios behind Salad Hunt, Skelattack, and MageQuit as they detail the wonderful/horrible nuances of indie developer life. Hear about the colorful backgrounds of our panelists to see which skills they leveraged to get started and everything else they had to learn on the job to complete the indie journey to PAX!


Telly Lee [Lead Designer, Salad Hunters], Sunny Lee [Lead Developer, Salad Hunters], Shane deLumeau [CEO, Ukuza], David Stanley [Studio Technical Director, Ukuza], Brett Pennings [Game Designer / Developer, Bowlcut Studios], Chad Pennings [Artist / Animator, Bowlcut Studios]