July 24th, 2019

PAX South 2020 Badges Available August 1st!

We are most excited to announce that PAX South 2020 will be back in San Antonio on January 17 - 19th, and you’ll be able to get your very own badges on August 1st starting at 2pm Central Time.  Can you believe we’re talking about the year 2020?  This really is future PAX!  Charge up your flying cars, pack a few cans of salt-free air, and tell your work you need a vacation from pushing that button.

Seriously, we really love San Antonio, we can’t wait to be back, and you can expect to hear more about our plans in the months to come.  Until then, get your F5 button warmed up and grab those badges before they sell out!

See ya’ll soon!  (Yeehaw!)