December 4th, 2020

PAX 2021 Dates

Hello PAX Universe,

We’d like to take this opportunity to announce our prospective show dates for the 2021 calendar, and before we do, we want to be completely clear about why we’re announcing them now, and how the global COVID-19 situation impacts our plans in the coming year.

We’re announcing our dates now to help partners plan for the upcoming year on how they might attend as well as provide a chance to start conversations about how to bring attendees, panelists, exhibitors, and our broader community together with these events that are 7 months away. Safety is always our highest priority, and we want to put these shows on for you and in a way that still feels like a PAX, but these things require runway. Our rationale: with things being this complicated, why not tell everyone all at once?

Let’s just say the quiet part out loud: if COVID-19 remains a major barrier to safely gathering at one of our shows, we won’t do it or we will take it virtual. As much as we miss, even crave, the togetherness and magic of a PAX, we will not put attendees, exhibitors, or our guests at risk for the sake of an event if things aren’t on the up and up.

Now, on to the good news! If things progress positively then there’s a good chance that we would be able to put on live events in the summer and later half of the year.

In that optimistic scenario our new event calendar for 2021 will be:

PAX East will take place June 3 - 6, 2021
PAX West will take place September 3 - 6, 2021
PAX Aus will take place October 8 - 10, 2021
PAX Unplugged will take place December 10 - 12, 2021

Unfortunately, because of what would have been the prospective timeline in early next year we won’t be able to put together a PAX South in 2021, but we look forward to bringing it back for you in 2022. We are also working with our team in Australia and the Australian government and will have more updates on PAX Aus’s 2021 show date in the next few weeks.

Expect badges, panel announcements, exhibitor updates, and the like to arrive in the new year, generally closer to the respective shows - and you can always follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more regular updates.

Whatever form PAX East, West, and Unplugged take in 2021, please know that we are dedicated to bringing you all the community, content, and competition we’ve become known for, while continuing to create space for new, up-and-coming, and marginalized voices in gaming. “Welcome Home” isn’t just a slogan to us; we make our home every year in Boston, Seattle, Melbourne, San Antonio, and Philly - and it’s our job to make sure that we make that home safe.

January 13th, 2020

Pinny Arcade Pin Quest

For those of you itching to collect this year’s batch of Pinny Arcade Pins, the Pin Quest has been released and can be seen here. This show features pins from Annapurna, Jackbox, Checkpoint, Cookie Brigade, Ysbryd, Finji, Dotemu, Level Up Dice, Rebellion, and Pastimes, not counting the collection of pins we’ll have for grabs at our merch booths.

Good luck in your quest, whatever your quest may be, and have a great PAX!

January 10th, 2020

Introducing the 2020 PAX Ambassadors! 

This year we’re calling in the experts to help us make PAX even better, please give a warm welcome to the 2020 PAX Ambassadors!

These 5 friends of PAX will be working with us to make their respective specialized areas really shine. You will be able to catch them at PAX South, PAX East, and PAX West in a variety of different panels, tournaments, and workshops. Reach out and say hi, give them some love, they’re here to spread the good word of gaming and help grow our events to be even better.

Jesse Cox – YouTube Ambassador

Jesse is a gaming creator, personality and producer with over a decade of experience. Jesse’s work includes producing the hit indie game Monster Prom, and also a creator and executive producer of the YouTube Red esports comedy Good Game alongside Dan Harmon’s Starburns.

Sonja Reid aka OMGitsfirefoxx – Streaming Ambassador

Sonja has been streaming since 2013, and has broken many milestones to become of one of the most credible and celebrated streamers of all time. With a Guinness World Records 2017: Gamer’s Edition title of “Most Popular Female Videogames Broadcaster on Twitch” and a Forbes “30 Under 30” honor in 2016, Sonja has quickly evolved from programming games to making a career of playing them.

Justin Wong – Esports Ambassador

Justin is one of the best fighting game players of all time. He has won the most EVO World Titles up to date and was involved in the infamous Daigo Parry as the Chun Li player. He was on Team Empire Arcadia, Evil Geniuses and Echo Fox. Now he is a self branded player trying to bring more awareness to the fighting game community.

Robin Hunicke – Developer Ambassador

Robin is the CEO and Co-Founder of the independent game studio Funomena, which makes experimental games for both traditional and emerging platforms. She is also a Full Professor at UC Santa Cruz, where she is the founding Director of the Art, Games & Playable Media BA. A programmer by training, she left her PhD in AI to work as a designer and producer on titles like MySims, Boom Blox, Journey, Luna and Funomena’s most recent release Wattam. She has spent over 20 years evangelizing diversity and innovation in our industry - from the Indie Game Jam and the Experimental Gameplay Workshop to Amplifying New Voices, the AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook podcast and Project Runway. Her first love was M.U.L.E.

Krystina Arielle Tigner – Tabletop Ambassador

Krystina Arielle Tigner is an actress, host, and singer. She is best known for her appearances on Critical Role Honey Heist 3 as Bearah Pawcett, as well as Handbooker Helper, Alisanda Rayburton on Dice, Camera, Action, and Orisha the aasimar cleric bard on Sirens of the Realms. Beginning in January she will be playing Akasha on the upcoming LFM show “The Veiled Alliance”. Krystina is an advocate for diversity and inclusion within the gaming community, and loves sharing her joy of entertainment and weaving new stories.

December 16th, 2019

PAX South 2020 Exhibitors!

It’s still early and this list will surely change with time, but here is where we’re at with all the exhibitors that will have stuff to show off at PAX South 2020. Dive in, and we’ll see you real soon!

1985 Games
2D Knights
3D Generation
3D Realms
Academy of Interactive Entertainment
Affable Games
Andretti Indoor Karting and Games
Andromeda Entertainment
Annapurna Games
Apple TV+ Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet
Archon Games
Ask An Enemy Studios
Attic Space Games
Austin Community College
Battlerock Studios
Berzerk Studio
Bevilacqua Research
Beyond Fun
Big Blue Bubble
BKOM Studios
Blowfish Studios
Blue Mammoth Games
Bowlcut Studios
Burgos Games
C63 Industries
Carolina Game Tables
Cat Quartet Games
Chromatic Games
Circean Studios
Codename Entertainment
Controller Chaos
Czech Games Edition
Daedalic Entertainment
Decoy Games
Deep Water Games
Dial Up Games
Dice Dungeons
Distant Rabbit Games
DMDouble Games
Dot Dream
Eleventh Hour Games
E-Line Media
Filthy Casual
Fishing Cactus
Flight School Studio
Foam Brain
For Fans By Fans
Fowers Games
Game Over Videogames
Gaming Outfitters
Geekify Inc.
Glitch Gaming
Glorious PC Gaming Race
Gooey Cube
Grand Demon Studio L.A.
Gunnar Optiks
Harebrained Design
Headup Games
Houston Outlaws
HutChu Games
International Committee of the Red Cross
Inti Creates
Larian Studios
Limited Run Games
Louisiana Technology Park
Luminosity Mobile
Mercury Learning and Information
Meta Threads
Metallic Dice Games
Move Rate 20 Games
Moving Pieces Interactive
No Hope Studios
Norse Foundry
Nurbs Studios
Obvious Gravity
PAX Arena
PAX Merch Expo
PAX South Indie Showcase
PAX Together
Play to Beat Brain Cancer
Pressure Spike
PulsArt Studio
Pumpkin Interactive
Razbury Games
Red Meat Games
Red Moon Workshop
Red Triangle Games
Rescue Pets
Retrotainment Games
Rock Manor Games
Rockfish Games
Runaway Parade Games
San Antonio College
Screenwave Media
Secret Cow Level
Skybound Games
Songbird Ocarina
Southern Methodist University Guildhall
Stylin Online
The Classified X
Thompson Productions
Topgolf San Antonio
Tortured Earth
Tursiops Truncatus Studios
Ukiyo-E Heroes
Ultra Dolphin Revolution
University of the Incarnate Word
Unstable Unicorns
Volante Design Incorporated
Wild Bill’s Soda
Worldwalker Games
Ysbryd Games
Zephyr Workshop

And here are our Tabletop Exhibitors!

Bark & Hide Gaming
Dice Throne
Elf Creek Games
Fate of the Norns
Foam Brain Games
Fog of Love
Gale Force 9
Golden Bell Studios
Hero:  Tales of the Tomes
Indie Boards and Cards
Inkling Print Company
Jason Anarchy Games
Jim Likes Games
Knight Watch Games
Level 99 Games
Level Up Dice
Lucky Duck Games
Master Monk
Metallic Dice Games
Origami Whale
Penguin & Panda Productions
Red Djinn Productions
Sentient Cow Games
SRG Universe
Swordfish Islands
Syther Gaming
Wyrmwood Gaming
Yanaguana Games
Zafty Games

December 16th, 2019

Our Schedule is Live!

You read that right, our schedule page is now no longer a meager “To Be Announced” page, but is now full of treasure! Dive in right here and let us know what you think of it!

Oh, have no fear, it’s not 100% complete. We haven’t quit with things like Storytime, and there will be other additions as well. Stay tuned for updates in coming days and weeks!