Varsity Esports

What does it mean that all of the big gaming companies are ALL-IN on intercollegiate gaming?  How can you get a university program off the ground?  What is the role of clubs? This panel will discuss buy-in, events, club titles, sponsorships, promotion, streaming, careers through esports, and much more. The panel will bring together experts from competitive university programs, Blizzard, Twitch, and regulatory agencies (TESPA & NACe) to discuss successful varsity esports programs.


Dr. Chris Haskell [Clinical Assistant Professor, Boise State University], Kevin Hoang [Student Program Coordinator, Twitch], Adam Rosen [Director of esports, Tespa, Blizzard], Michael Brooks [Director, NACe, National Association of Collegiate eSports], Kathy Chiang [UC Irvine, eSports Arena Coordinator]