The Art of the Table: GMing Beyond the Basics

Dragons, cyborgs, and eldritch horrors aren't the only challenging things to be found at the gaming table. How do you structure an interesting plot to keep your players hooked? What helps a group remain friends when out of game drama threatens to disrupt a session? And just how DO you get a table of kill-crazed murder-hobos to explore a bit of story-based roleplaying? Join our panel of experienced GMs and industry veterans as we answer your questions on how to turn a good RPG into a great one!


Ben Mandall [Veteran GM, The Art of the Table], Danielle Harper [Veteran GM, Freelance RPG Designer], Weston Harper [Tactical Support Wizard, The Art of the Table], Anastasia Kraus [LARP Designer & GM, Apotheke 28], Sarah Lynne Bowman [Scholar/Organizer/Designer, Austin Community College], Eloy Lasanta [Publisher, Third Eye Games]