StreetPass Switch: The Future of Nintendo Handheld Gaming

Do you have a Nintendo 3DS?  Are you a fan of the StreetPass feature on the Nintendo 3DS?  Join us as we discuss the future Nintendo Handheld gaming holds!  Audience members will even get a chance to join us on stage to face off in

Mario Kart 7 with Michael, grand champion of many PAX tournaments!  Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to max out their puzzle swap panels as well!


Nicholas Oehlberg [Co-Founder, StreetPass Princeton], Michael Rios [Entertainer, theawesomemichael1], Rinaldy Gomez [StreetPass Ambassador, StreetPass NYC], Jennifer Holly [StreetPass Ambassador, StreetPass Los Angeles], Bobby Pauls [Entertainer, Nintendo Guru], Rydia Vielehr [Chief Event Organizer, Streetpass Boston]