Ages 13+

Reclaiming Basements in a Multiplayer Era: Why We Game Alone

In the golden age of massively multiplayer online games like Overwatch and Destiny, why are some players choosing to go it alone? Is it a radical act of self care, anti-social tendencies, an effect of online harassment, or something else? Join panelists, Andrea Ayres (Lemonsucker Games), JD Mallindine (, and Ian Danskin (Innuendo Studios), as we explore social and psychological reasons why players are reclaiming their alone time and what it reveals about the state of gaming.


Jayme Dale Mallindine [Founder and Main Broad, Gaming Broad(ly)], Andrea Ayres [Founder and Head Writer, Lemonsucker Games], Ian Danskin [Founder and Editor, Innuendo Studios]