New Friends, Better Streams - The Genius of Local Meetups

Everywhere people stream, creator meetup groups keep getting bigger, and with good reason. There are few better opportunities to learn from other creators, find collaborators, and talk to others about the trials and tribulations of content creation, all while making new friends and having a great time. Join us as founders of meetups in Chicago, Texas, Arizona, Nashville, and San Francisco talk about how to get the most out of your local meetup, and what it takes to start one in your town!


Chris Carley [Organizer / Partnered Twitch Streamer, Twitch San Francisco / Tons0Fun], Kristi Foxx [Organizer, Twitch Arizona], Metamancer [Organizer / Twitch Streamer, Stream Texas Powered by Twitch / Metamancer], Andrew Wynans [CMO, GameWisp Inc.], Brandon Stennis [Organizer / Partnered Twitch Streamer, Chicago Community Meetup Powered by Twitch / UGR Gaming], Jessica Kiraeyl [Organizer / Twitch Streamer, Community Meetup Nashville Powered by Twitch / Kiraeyl]