Movie: "Surviving Indie" with Richard James Cook / Rami Ismail

Join us for a screening of the new videogame documentary movie "Surviving Indie," presented by Devolver Digital Films, followed by a Q&A with director Richard James Cook, and indie game developers Rami Ismail (Nuclear Throne, Ridiculous Fishing), and Becca Bair Spurgin (Arcadian Atlas).

"Surviving Indie" is a collection of stories from several creators about exploring the unpredictable world of indie game development, with lessons on how to fail forward and what it means to be a creator.


Richard James Cook [Director, Developer, Gamestar Arts], Rami Ismail [Developer, Vlambeer], Tiff Wiseman [Creator, Art by Tiff], Becca Bair Spurgin [Creative Director - Arcadian Atlas, Twin Otter Studios]