Mind of an Indie: The Moment Our Game Went Live

This is what it comes too. The years and months of hard work behind us, emotions and all - summed up in a moment, where we tensely watched as our game was sent into the wild.

In this panel, creators of various success levels and diverse backgrounds analyze their careers in the moment they released the game that changed it all for them… for better or worse. Join us as we discuss the thoughts, emotions, and lessons we learned when we put it all on the line, never knowing what would happen next.


Richard James Cook [Developer - Battlesloths, Super Combat Fighter, Gamestar Arts], Mike Gaboury [Developer - Jump Jet Rex, S#it On Your Friends, Filthy Casual / Egonaut Games], Sheena Perez [Co-Creator - Spooky's House of Jump Scares, Albino Moose Games], Randy Greenback [Exec. Producer - Friday the 13th: The Game, Gun Media], Kat Wenske [Capsule Force, Sound Designer / Composer]