Let's Really Talk Diversity: LGBTQ, Women, & Nerd Culture

The last several years have seen controversy as geek culture has expanded to include more groups of people.  We've all personally dealt with these struggles (including sexual harassment and receiving threats). We want to talk about how they've influenced our views on what it means to be a nerd plus find out about your experiences too. We'll discuss the past from the early days of gaming, comics, and more, the lessons we can learn there, and what we can improve as we move into the future.


Jacques Bourgeois [Executive Vice President, Houston Gaymers], Kymberlie McGuire [Vice President, Houston Gaymers], Ian Mitchell [Community Activist, Houston Gaymers], Andy Stubbs [Consultant, Rutgers], Tammi Jackson [Community Activist, Student], Kaylee Christine [Trans Rights Activist, Activist]