Ages 13+

Let's Place LIVE: Ranking Every Video Game Ever Made

The Let’s Place podcast started with a simple goal: To decide once and for all the objective quality of every video game ever produced. Which is better, Pok√©mon Red or Blue? Is Blinx: The Time Sweeper better than Dark Souls? What the heck is Westfront Omega: The Amulet of Vega? Join a group of expert panelists from Audio Entropy as they use pure, objective science to discover the answer to exactly these types of questions and add 5 new games to their ever-growing ranked list of all video games.


Luke [Producer, Audio Entropy], Chelsea Welch [Expert, Audio Entropy], Crystal Zaslavchik [Expert, Audio Entropy], Zack Ayers [Expert, Audio Entropy], Dustin Christianson [Expert, Audio Entropy]