From Rags to Nicer Rags: The True Measurement of Success

You might have seen one of us on your local game store's TV - hosting events and talking to celebrities. You've probably worn our shirts and hats. You've likely seen us on Twitch, YouTube, or at major gaming events.

Man, we must be living the life and getting paid handsomely doing it, huh?

In this talk, 4 speakers from different sects of the gaming industry discuss the realities behind their hard work, what it means to be "successful," and the long road to how they got there.


Richard James Cook [Project Director, Gamestar Arts], Chris Wiseman [Host, Gamestop TV], Mike Gaboury [Co-Founder, Filthy Casual], Jay Soprovich [Co-Founder, Filthy Casual], Patrick Scott Patterson [Personality, Patrick Scott Patterson, G4, Retro]