Embracing The Chaos Emeralds: Understanding Your Nerd Power

Being a nerd is finally cool! So many of us remember being considered awkward, unpopular, and feeling like an outcast for loving sci-fi, video games, anime, comic books, etc. We explore the psychology of feeling like you don’t fit in, and the negative effects of not accepting who you are. We talk about embracing, loving, and accepting your geek fortitude/fandom. You’ll hear from gamers and self-proclaimed nerds who are experts in psychology, research, advice and community-building.


Dr. Anthony Bean [Owner/Psychologist, Bean Professional Psychological Services/Framingham State University], Jules Scott [Podcast Host, Tauren Think Tank Podcast], Dr. Gaston Rougeaux-Burnes [Psychologist, The Family Center], Corey Spencer [Podcast Host, Tauren Think Tank Podcast], Joel Christiansen [Indie Developer, Dog Theory Games]