Ages 13+

Either VR or VRn’t, Y'all

We don’t just roast BBQ in Texas, y’all. We’re in the wild west of virtual reality, where sometimes our creations look less like dreams come true and more like nightmare fuel. We’ve wrangled some of the sharpest minds in the Texas VR scene to take the WORST VR ideas and refine them into something truly terrible. Then, we’ll open up the floor to the audience and collaborate on miserable ideas together.

Warning: Jokes, comedy, adult content, empty promises of BBQ.


Davey Wreden [Developer, Independent], Cy Wise [Studio Director, Owlmancer, Science, Owlchemy Labs], Andrew Eiche [Producer, Developer, Alleged Certified Adult™, Owlchemy Labs], Jake Sawyer [Developer, Sublime Prince of the Royal Tortilla, Taco Illuminati], JJ Castillo [CEO, Founder, Viewer Ready], Autumn Taylor [KnOWLedge Purveyor & Media Master, Owlchemy Labs]