Breath of the Wild and the Future of the Zelda Series

The award-winning Breath of the Wild has reinvented the Zelda formula while holding true to its exploration roots. With this new open-air game, where will the franchise go from here? Join the Zelda Universe team as we discuss the wildly popular title and how its success will affect the future of Zelda. And be sure to study up on your Breath of the Wild knowledge as there will be trivia questions and prizes!


Amanda VanHiel [Zelda News Host, Assistant Editor, Zelda Universe], AbdallahSmash026 [YouTuber, Nintendo Brand Ambassador, AbdallahSmash026], Joshua Lindquist [Content Director, Zelda Universe], Eduardo Hernandez [Writer, Zelda Universe], Elias Thompson [Zelda Universe Twitch Director, Zelda Universe], Alex Trevino [Zelda Universe Dubs Director, Zelda Universe]