2D Screen to a 4D World: Video game physics for cosplay IRL

Have you ever wondered "How do daggers or staffs magically float on their back?", "there's no way those clothes would ever stay on my body; halp PL0X!", or "that weapon is easily 4 times the size of that character; how could I even carry that?" Halp PL0X!” Let this special snowflake brigade crack the mysteries of converting video game characters to wearable cosplay in the real world and learn the tips and tricks they use to work with the physics of earth to create otherworldly cosplay creations!


Kyle Miller [Imagineer, Foamsmeef], Laura Ducros [Crafter, Rebel Among the Stars], Tori McKenna [Creator, Cool By Proxy Productions], Jean Crowder [Imagineer, Foamsmeef], Sam Andrews [Owner, Knight-Commander Shepard Cosplay]