November 2nd, 2017


If you’d like to bring in your computer to play LAN games, you’ll probably want to look into our BYOC option. To be clear, if you just want to bring in your laptop and plop yourself down in the foodcourt or Handheld, you don’t need BYOC.  It’s not required for all people bringing in their computers, but we do think it’s a pretty appealing option.  What BYOC provides is your own personal space to setup your rig available all hours PAX is open.  You’ll also get your own private power, and wired Internet access so you don’t have to rely on convention center wifi.

It also gets you access to all sorts of BYOC private contests and mini-tournaments, and a secured “home base” you can leave some of your belongings (within reason, the fact that the space is secured is not a reason to be reckless with your valuables).

For more information on BYOC, see our forum thread here.